Willie Wotsit
Brand: Wotsits
Nationality: United Kingdom
Years active: 1996-2001
Designer(s): Chris Hauge
Studio of origin: Passion Pictures
Quote: "What a whopping whoosh!"
Appearance and age
Species: Human
Age: Child, later teenager
Hair color: Orange
Eye color: Blue
Personal information
Abilities: Uses his Whopping Wotsit to fend off and sometimes manipulate evil
Friends: His Whopping Wotsit
Enemies: The bullies
Love Interests: Peaches
Interests: Wotsits
Disinterests: Bullying
Parents: Mr. Wotsit, Mrs. Wotsit
Grandparents: Grandfather
Siblings: His little sister
Pets: A cat
Professor Watts

Willie Wotsit was the mascot for UK-based snack Wotsits during its ownership by Golden Wonder from 1996 to 2001. In his first two years, he was seen with his Whopping Wotsit, a Wotsit with superpowers given by aliens.


Willie was the first mascot created for Wotsits. His first appearance, directed by Chris Hauge at Passion Pictures, saw him as an average young boy with an obsession over Wotsits. He walked into a gang of bullies occasionally, but a spaceship overseeing Willie zapped one of his Wotsits and gave it super powers, including size change, flight and manipulation. Willie could command it at the crunch of a Wotsit. He would later use his Whopping Wotsit for his little sister to see, and to fend off the bullies when playing a soccer match or searching for buried treasure.[1]

Under the direction of Russell Brooke, however, Willie grew up and no longer needed his Whopping Wotsit, earning a girlfriend named Peaches, previously seen cheering him on at soccer. In 2000, his last two ads were targeted to 14-16 year olds. In a spot for Wotsits Wafflers, titled "Diner", he beat a gang of New York mobsters at a knuckle-cracking contest by loudly crunching a Waffler.[2] His last spot was for the later-discontinued Wotsits Mealtime Potato Shapes, in which he and Peaches are survivors of a wartime scenario in the 1950's.[3]

Willie was removed from the brand's marketing in 2001. One year later, Golden Wonder saw a change in direction, selling the Wotsits brand to Walkers.


Willie has an oval head with big, blue eyes, dark eyebrows and orange hair mostly shaven apart from one streak at the middle of his head. The colors on his clothing resemble that of a Wotsits wrapper at the time; his long-sleeved shirt is white and dark blue with an orange zig-zag separating the two colors. He wears shorts that are also dark blue, and sneakers that are both dark blue and orange, with light blue laces.



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