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The Weathergens are a group of weather-costumed people from the Powergen sponsors for ITV National Weather from 1996-2001. Weathergens are always female with a few males. 

The leader is called Gilda with her Weathergen team which are Shivera, Brellina, Norwin, Helios, Mirka, Cyan, Aurora, Florta, Frice, Nimbella and Crystella. 

The Weathergens debuted in 20th November 1996 after News at Ten and were withdrawn in 19th October 2001 after ITV Lunchtime News. Seventeen idents were produced. Brellina, Gilda, Norwin and Nimbella had variants of their idents. Short versions of the idents were also produced.


  1. Shivera (cold weather)
  2. Brellina (rain)
  3. Gilda (sunny intervals)
  4. Nimbella (drizzle/cloudy rain)
  5. Aurora (hot and dry weather)
  6. Helios (sun and clouds/morning mist)
  7. Florta (breeze)
  8. Cyan (with Gilda, turning colder)
  9. Crystella (snow)
  10. Norwin (wind)
  11. Mirka (fog)
  12. Frice (frost/ice)
  13. Gilda (overcast/dark clouds version, without showers effect)
  14. Gilda (showers version)
  15. Brellina (storms version)
  16. Nimbella (storms version)
  17. Norwin (storms version)

The first endcaps from 1996 - 1998 had a yellow map of the British Isles with the first female voiceover saying ''Powergen, generating electricity, whatever the weather''.

They were edited in 4th October 1998 with the new ITV logo. The words ''National Weather'' and ''Sponsored by'' were changed to sans serif Helvetica Italic font.

The endcaps from 1998 - 2001 had the same yellow colour of the map of the British Isles, but with the slogan ''THE POWER BEHIND POWER'' under the Powergen logo with the second female voiceover saying ''Powergen, power, whatever the weather.''

They were again edited in widescreen in January 2001 with the new Powergen logo, the website address '''' underneath the logo and the ''Gas, electricity and telephone'' slogan at the bottom row.

In 2001 version, a female voiceover said on both opening idents and endcaps ''Powergen, gas, electricity and telephone.'' The map of the British Isles changed the colour to green.