The Tipps Family were chimpanzees that served as the mascots of British tea brand PG Tips from 1956 to 2001. Their voices were provided by British celebrities such as Peter Sellers and Bob Monkhouse.

They were seen in different situations and the advert would end with them drinking PG Tips.

The Tipps Family adverts were briefly stopped in 1970 due to complaints from animal rights companies, but eventually returned 18 months later.

In the 1990s, adverts featuring four new members of the family were introduced which consisted of a couple and their two children Samantha and Kevin. These adverts lasted until 2001 where PG Tips dropped the Tipps Family for the second and final time and replaced them with The T-Birds. However, the adverts were still shown abroad until 2003.


  • The chimpanzees used in the adverts were from Twycross Zoo. It was the zoo's decision to stop the chimpanzees from being used in the adverts as they believed that it was wrong to continue.
  • The Tipps Family are the first of PG Tips' two primate mascots. The second would be Monkey, the current mascot who has been in the adverts since 2007.