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The Tipps Family
Brand: PG Tips
Years active: 1956-2001
Voiced by: Russ Abbot

Peter Sellers

Kenneth Connor

Bob Monkhouse

Quote: "It's the taste!"
Appearance and age
Species: Chimpanzees
Personal information
Parents: Geoff, Shirley
Children: Kevin, Samantha

The Tipps Family were chimpanzees that served as the mascots of British tea brand PG Tips from 1956-2001. Their voices were provided by British celebrities such as Peter Sellers and Bob Monkhouse.

They were seen in different situations and the advert would end with them drinking PG Tips.

The Tipps Family adverts were briefly stopped in 1970 due to complaints from animal rights companies, but eventually returned 18 months later after sales dropped.

The most well known Tipps Family advert was the 1971 advert "Mr. Shifter" which featured the title star and his son moving a piano down a flight of stairs only to be distracted by the piano's owner who offers them tea. As they drink the tea, Mr. Shifter's son says that the piano is on his foot to which Mr. Shifter replies "You hum it son, I'll play it".

Beginning in 1992, adverts featuring four new members of the family were introduced which consisted of a couple Geoff and Shirley and their two children Samantha and Kevin. Kevin is an energetic but bossy boy and Samantha is a sweet and sexy teenage girl. These adverts were filmed in the style of a family sitcom. lasted until 2001 where PG Tips dropped the Tipps Family for the second and final time and replaced them with The T-Birds. However, the adverts were still shown abroad until 2003

On the Airline advert from 1986, a prototype of The Tipps Family are seen with only Geoff and Samantha

From November 1998 To August 1999, Kevin's Voice Turns Back To Normal In The Bypass And Expensive Adverts



  • The chimpanzees used in the adverts were from Twycross Zoo. It was the zoo's decision to stop the chimpanzees from being used in the adverts as they believed that it was wrong to continue.
  • The Tipps Family are the first of PG Tips' two primate mascots. The second would be Monkey, who appeared in the adverts from 2007 to 2017. They will be returning during 2021.
  • Kevin Tipps is somewhat similar to Milo from Tweenies as they are both energetic and sometimes bossy.