CBBC Promo: Bill And Ben 

BBC One Ident

Eamonn Holmes Introducing The Show

Jet Set Intro (With Alan Dedicoat Talking) 

Eamonn Holmes Welcomes The Viewers And Introduces The Contestants

World Tour: Barcelona (Spain) 

Round One: (Question: What Is The Type Of Animal That Sits On The Canal Boat From Rosie And Jim?) 

Thunderball Draw

Eamonn Meets The Two Contestants

Interview: Couple In The Jacuzzi 

Round Two: (Question: What Is The Name Of The Chocolate Factory Tour Guide In The 1971 Movie?) 

Contestant Winning

The National Lottery Draw (Eamonn With Bill And Ben) 

Lottery Extra (Eamonn With Bill And Ben) 

Eamonn Uncovers The Contestant 

Round Three (Question: Who Voiced C-3PO From Star Wars?)

Contestant Winning With Confetti

Jet Set Credits (With Thunderball, National Lottery And Lottery Extra Numbers)

Promo: The Weakest Link

BBC One Ident

Casualty Intro 

Start Of Episode

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