The Narrator's Hand is a giant black-skinned human man's hand in the Cadbury's Miniature Heroes sponsorship for Coronation Street from September 1999 to June 2002

We zoom out of the chocolate Coronation Street, Then we see a duck flying and quacking at us. After that, we hear a man from nowhere saying There's Nothing Bigger! and then we zoom out of the purple globe where a man is telling the sponsorship, we then see a human black man which we see nothing but his hand and his unseen body has no clothes that looks like he is naked. His hand touches the globe, stops it and goes away which the globe turns into a tub of Miniature Heroes. The man clears his throat and says the Cadbury chocolate brand name, Then the Miniature Heroes logo appears from the ball with the slogan All Your Favourites In A Tub appearing

There is a christmas variant which has Santa Claus instead of the duck. Also, The star on the logo is replaced with a christmas tree

On the break bumpers, The man's hand stops the globe while he is not talking 

The sponsorship has ended in June 2002 and the new sponsorship from late 2002 has three men playing tricks and ending up laughing. Also, The word Miniature has removed and the sponsor has an unseen woman's voice instead of the man 

Although the human man's head is not seen, He does have a favourite colour which is yellow 


He is voiced by Hugh Jackman 

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