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The Animal is the stop-motion animated mascot of pork sausage snack Peperami and has been since he first appeared in 1991. He is a living Peperami who speaks with an English accent and in most adverts is seen harming himself: eating his own arms, jumping into a blender, pulling himself apart and putting himself on a skewer and jumping onto a barbecue.

Animal was voiced by English actor and comedian Adrian Edmondson (known for playing Vyvyan in The Young Ones and Eddie Hitler in Bottom) from 1991-2010 and since 2014 by Scottish actor and impressionist Enn Reitel (who does a impression of Edmondson).

Animal isn't the only living Peperami as in the late 1990s there was two short-lived Peperami products called Peperami Cheezie which featured a yellow Peperami who worked as a DJ and Peperami Gobbler which featured a female Peperami.

Animal has also been shown to have family. One advert titled "Hair Tonic"/"Cuddly Toy" reveals that Animal's parents are a cow ("Mum") and a pig ("Dad"). In an advert for Peperami Lunchbox Minis, he has a son called Junior whilst in two adverts for Peperami Nibblers, he has several young children whilst a picture shows his wife.

In 2018 and 2019, Animal was joined by two other Peperamis; Beef (who is the mascot of Beef Peperami) and Chicken (who is the mascot of Peperami Chicken Bites).




  • The Animal is one of two mascots to be voiced by Adrian Edmondson. The other being Stanley the Dachshund, the mascot of health and life insurance company Vitality.
  • In 1996, Microtime released a promotional video-game for the MS-DOS[1] based on The Animal. It was an adventure game in which the player would control the anthropomorphic Peperami as he explores the town of Snackopolis.
  • Up until 2007, The Animal was shown in what appears to be a mental asylum.