Stanley the Dachshund

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Stanley the Dachshund is the mascot for health and life insurance company Vitality in since 2012.

He is a dachshund who in most adverts is seen out with his owner and encountering well known sportspeople (e.g. Jessica Ennis-Hill).

He also appears in Vitality's sponsorship adverts for Sky News.

Stanley is portrayed by a dachshund named Alfie and voiced by comedian and actor Adrian Edmondson (who is well known for playing Vyvyan in the 1982-1984 sitcom The Young Ones and Eddie Hitler in the 1991-1995 sitcom Bottom along with its five stage shows).


  • Stanley is the second ad mascot to be voiced by Adrian Edmondson. The first being The Animal, the mascot for Peperami.
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