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Sarah Peldon
Her current model, introduced in 2014.
Brand: Morton Salt
Nationality: United States
Years active: 1914-present
Appearance and age
Species: Human
Age: Between 7 and 9 years old
Hair color: Blue and white (1914-1941), yellow and blue (1941-1956, 1968-2014), yellow (1956-1968, 2014-present)
Eye color: Blue
Personal information

Sarah Peldon, better known as Morton Salt Girl is the official mascot of Morton Salt. She was introduced in 1914 and is always seen holding an umbrella and a pouring salt container, referring to the company's slogan "When it rains, it pours" (referring to how Morton Salt stays free-flowing even in rainy weather after they began adding magnesium carbonate as an absorbing agent to their table salt in 1911 so it poured freely).


Sarah is a human female between the ages of 7 and 9 years old. Her clothing has always been a yellow dress paired with yellow Mary Jane shoes, holding an umbrella, and a pouring salt container in rainy weather. However, her hairstyle and dress have changed throughout the decades. Since 1968, her hair had a bob cut and worn a plain dress. Up until 1941, colored in only blue and white, yellow was added to her color scheme that year and has remained since. The most recent version of Sarah was introduced in 2014 for her 100th anniversary and is a cleaner version of the 1968 design.