The Painting Lady Is A Character In The Cadbury's Flake Sponsorship For Coronation Street From May 1999 To July 2002 


The Painting Lady's usual appearance (1999)


She is a painter in the poppy field according to the vintage Cadbury's Flake advert 

She ends up painting a picture of Coronation Street 

In the end, she stands up and closes her artbox and leaves the poppy field 

She doesn't speak in this sponsor like the other chocolate characters

She is CGI instead of being made by Aardman, The next sponsor after Flake to use CGI is Miniature Heroes 

A special variant for this sponsor is SnowFlake, A spin-off Cadbury brand from Flake, which runs from September 2000 to October 2001. Also, The poppies have changed colour 

The Flake sponsorship with a painting lady will be returning to sponsor Coronation Street during 2021, But she is no longer a painter, She is now seen having a bath which is also according to the vintage Cadbury's Flake advert 

Her favourite colour is blue 


The Painting Lady in the SnowFlake sponsorship from 2000

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