The Orangey Tangs, from L-R: Boz, Chip, Zsa Zsa, Orangio, Tootz, Shades, Fangz, Marstiang

The Orangey Tangs were mascots for McVitie's Jaffa Cakes from 1997 to 2001. They were orange fuzz balls who stole Jaffa Cakes for their orange filling. There were initially five Orangey Tangs - Boz, Shades, Tootz, Zsa Zsa (pronounced "Zah Zah") and Chip. Orangio, Fangz and Marstiang were later additions to the group.

List of characters Edit

  • Boz - He is the brawn of the group, if something needs to be done, he can do it. However he is all brawn and no brains.
  • Shades - He is the cool guy in the Orangey Tangs. If a plan goes wrong, he’ll make an escape plan in seconds. “Stay cool” is his favourite phrase and he is never caught off the mark.
  • Tootz - He is the youngest Tang. He is very shy and loves playing his tooter. He is still learning how to behave like a proper Tang and has no specialty.
  • Zsa Zsa - She is the only female Tang and the brains of the gang. Not only does she hatch the plans, but she also invents things to help them and keep everyone in order at the same time.
  • Chip - He is the leader of the gang, Known mainly for his witty comments despite being the oldest. He approves of any plans taking place but usually ends up getting caught.
  • Orangio - He is an Italian footballer Tang, well known for his suave skills and occasional dive in the (Jaffa Cakes) box. He always hits the Jaffa Cake aquare to ensure maximum power.
  • Fangz - He is a Transylvanian Tang who loves the special edition Fangz bars best. However, he is not really a vampire and just likes to scare people, with a vicious temperament.
  • Marstiang - He is an alien Tang. His only speciality is that when a Jaffa Cake is near, his finger lights up. He is a major boost in the search for Tangs from space. However, he speaks in a language that is not understood.

Gallery Edit

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