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Brand: Compare The Meerkat
Years active: 2013-2014 2019-
Quote: bye bye papa Aleksandr, bye bye Auntie Sergei (First Word, 2014)
Appearance and age
Species: Meerpup
Personal information

Oleg is a baby Meerpup who appears in the Compare The Meerkat adverts.

he was first seen on Aleksandr Orlov's doorstep who was found by Sergei, however, a few days later, they released a toy, Oleg was also seen in the Coronation Street sponsorship.

in 2014, Oleg went to Africa as a trip, they also released a toy with Oleg in a safari outfit which also sponsored Coronation Street, later in December that year, as Aleksandr and Sergei are ready to leave, they find out that Oleg wanted to stay, and so they left him in Africa, to start a new life there, many people thought that no one was going to see Oleg again which led fans heartbroken, However, he was seen on a photo.

in 2019, Oleg and his friend Ayana's home was subsequently destroyed by multiple diggers and bulldozers, then Aleksandr and Sergei were reunited with Oleg over almost five years and met Ayana for the very first time which led to the installation of the Meerkat app, Oleg was back in the Corrie bumpers within Ayana being in the sponsorship for the first time

in 2020, they released a sleepy Version of Oleg.