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The Old Man is a character in the Cadbury's Crunchie sponsorship for Coronation Street from April 1997 to July 2002. He is one of the Chocolate Street characters who speak

After we see the Coronation Street sign, an Old Man is walking down the street when he sees some fireworks in the sky. He then says Oh, Just Like Friday! 

For the end, we see four birds making noises at the fireworks instead of an Old Man. One flies away before the voiceover tells of the sponsorship

From 1997-1998, The music from The Nation's Favourite sponsor is heard. From 1999-2002, a rock-style theme is heard along with some drums

The Old Man is voiced by Peter Sallis and later Ben Whitehead, who voice Wallace 

His favourite colour is red

Crunchie is also the last ever sponsor of the chocolate street era in July 2002 after Flake to make way for the Dream sponsor. Like the Marble sponsor from 2000, Dream does not feature the chocolate Coronation Street. In August 2002, Dream stops sponsoring the programme and the first Cadbury sponsor of the animated cartoon era is Buttons

The Old Man finding out about the fireworks