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Mr. Peanut is the mascot of the Planters Nut and Chocolate Company owned by Hormel Foods. He is depicted as a dapper-looking anthropomorphic peanut with a top hat, spats, a monocle, and a cane.


Mr. Peanut was first concieved of in 1916 by 14-year old Antonio Gentile. Later, a professional artist added the iconic details. Since then, he has been in many television advertisements, has had a car, and got a voice in 2010.

In early 2020, a commercial was aired that featured Mr. Peanut's apparent death. However, during the Super Bowl, he was resurrected as a Baby Nut. Then, in summer of 2020, he turned 21 as Peanut Jr. All these campaigns recieved negative reactions, with people blocking Mr. Peanut's Twitter account as well.