The boy playing with the real Monty and Mabel.

Monty the Penguin served as the mascot to British store John Lewis during its 2014 Christmas period.

In the advert to the song of Real Love by Tom Odell, Monty is seen as an Adelie Penguin who lives with a young boy and his family. Monty and the boy are seen playing with each other and Monty is fed fish fingers by the boy.

One day, the boy notices that it's starting to snow outside and points this out to Monty, who is more interested in the film he and the boy's parents are watching which shows a couple together. Later, Monty and the boy go sledging where Monty sees another couple together and looks over at them sadly, causing the boy to see that Monty wishes to find love.

The advert then moves to Christmas Day where the boy wakes up Monty and takes him downstairs and shows him that a female penguin named Mabel is there to Monty's joy. However, when the boy's parents come downstairs, is shown that Monty and Mabel are in fact toy penguins the boy is playing with, meaning that all that happened in the advert was the boy's imagination.

As part of this advert, John Lewis released merchandise featuring Monty and Mabel including soft toys.

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