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Monty the Mouse served as the mascot of Cathedral City Chedds in 2011. He was voiced by Matt Berry.

Monty was a yellow mouse who wore brown clothes and feathered hat and an eyepatch. He also rode an Old English Sheepdog named Brutus and hails from the city of Cathedral.

Monty appeared in two adverts. In the first advert "Statue", he challenges two children to a game of musical statues, though the children merely watch Monty's attempts to do the game and consider it ridiculous. In the second advert "Bow and Arrow", he challenges the children to striking a target on Brutus.


  • It is possible that Monty is a parody of Sir Didimus, a fox who appeared in the 1986 film Labyrinth, who like Monty, had an Old English Sheepdog as his steed.
  • Monty's voice actor Matt Berry previously voiced another ad mascot George Volcano in adverts for Volvic in 2007.