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Log is the mascot of Dreams, the UK's number 1 bed retailer. He is a tree log stump voiced by American actor John Goodman.

In the "Sleep Like a Log" campaign, a pun on the age-old expression "sleeping like a log", Log visits a Dreams store. Acting as a spokesperson for the company, the inanimate object offers tips for improving sleep. He extols the virtues of the Dreams range and their staff expertise, while a plethora of logs of all shapes and sizes (his friends) demonstrate that Dreams have a bed for every kind of body.

Shorter adverts show Log in comically draw moments to share useful sleeping tips. These include hilariously swooning over delivery men assembling his new bed and accidentally setting himself on fire whilst lighting candles to unwind before bed.

At times, the voiceover who joins Log is provided by Welsh actress Joanna Page from Gavin & Stacey.