Kevin the Carrot
Brand: Aldi
Years active: 2016-
Quote: "I think I just peed myself' (2017)
Appearance and age
Species: Carrot
Personal information
Friends: Tiny tom
Enemies: Pascal the parsnip

Russell sprot

Love Interests: Katie the carrot
Children: Junior

Chantnay Baby


Kevin the Carrot is the mascot of Christmas adverts for the UK branch of German discount supermarket Aldi. The adverts were narrated by English actor Jim Broadbent.

He is an anthropomorphic carrot who made his first television appearance during the 2016 Christmas period. In the advert, Kevin gazes out the window of his house to try and see Santa on Christmas Eve. He then climbs across a table laid with food in order to reach a plate with a mince pie left out for Santa. Upon reaching there, Kevin falls asleep. He later wakes up and finds himself tied to the antler of one of Santa's reindeer to make the sleigh go faster.

Kevin later appeared in the 2017 Aldi Christmas advert where he goes onto a train where he meets and falls in love with a female carrot named Katie and saves her from being hurt by fast flying pea. A later advert to promote Kevin the Carrot toys showed Kevin and Katie having three children named Jasper, Chantenay and Baby, who open their presents on Christmas morning and find toy Kevins in them. The camera then zooms out to show that Kevin and his family are living in a dolls house in the home of a family having Christmas dinner and playing with their own toy Kevins. Later adverts showed Kevin and Katie parodying films.

In 2018, Kevin appeared once again, this time driving a lit up lorry (similar to the trucks seen in the famous Coca-Cola Christmas advert that has been shown every Christmas since 1995). However whilst driving up a cliff, the lorry skids on snow and hangs off the cliff's edge with Kevin calling for help. The advert ended with the hashtag #SaveKevin. A later advert titled "Kevin the Carrot and the Wicked Parsnip" saw Kevin save his family from an evil French parsnip named Pascal, which is then revealed to be a story being told by Kevin to his children. Other adverts featured Kevin and his family parodying fairy tales. A final advert showed Kevin telling his children the story of Little Red Riding Hood. After the end of the story, one of Kevin's sons asks him if he left a mince pie out for Santa to which he said that did and he also left something for Rudolph too. It is then shows Pascal tied to Rudolph's antler as he and the other reindeer pull Santa's sleigh through the sky.

In the 2019 advert, Kevin was kidnapped and tied to a grater by a gang a brussel sprouts called The Leafy Blinders, who are angry that Kevin took their place as the favourite Christmas vegetable. The gang's leader Russell Sprout throws a tomato named Tiny Tom at Kevin. Tiny Tom frees Kevin and together, they flee The Leafy Blinders and run into a big top. Kevin then sings his own version of "Let Me Entertain You" (with Kevin's singing voice provided by the song's original singer Robbie Williams) whilst his family and Tiny Tom perform circus acts. Russell then arrives and tries to get Kevin. However, Kevin places Russell into a cannon and gives him a large gold star before firing him upwards, impaling the star through the top of the big top with Russell hanging from it. Kevin then quips over Russell's fate by saying "That one will be hanging around all Christmas".

Kevin made a surprise return in March 2020 on Aldi's Reassurance advert in light of the coronavirus pandemic in the United Kingdom, appearing at the end of the advert and telling viewers to go easy on the carrots. This marked the first time that Kevin has appeared in a non-Christmas advert for Aldi.


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