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Metz - "Judderman"

Brand: Metz
Years active: 2000
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Man in the Mask

The Judderman was the mascot of discontinued alcopop Metz. He is a Jack Frost/elf-like creature who comes out on a full moon to lure unsuspecting travellers to his lair.

In the main advert Forrest we see the Judderman on a puppet stage before it goes into live action. A female voiceover (Polish-Czech actress Alicia Suszka Fielder) recites a message beginning "Beware the Judderman my dear when the moon is fat", talking about the Judderman's characteristics. Shot in black and white with eerie nursery rhyme music and jerky movements, the Judderman uses a bottle of Metz to lure a traveller back to his lair and makes him drink it, turning the man into a puppet. We then cut back to the Judderman puppet now playing with his traveller puppet as a bottle comes down beside. The advert was shot in Hungary and featured a ballet dancer playing the Judderman. The commercial received complaints for being frightening for young children and was moved to post-7.30pm showings. In 2003, the advert was voted #31 in Channel 4's 100 Greatest Scary Moments.

In another commercial, the Judderman puppet is disguised as an old woman saying "Who will buy my lovely Metz?" carrying a basket of the drinks, before turning to face the viewer, revealing himself. There was another where two drunk European male puppets sing "Lovely Metz, Lovely Metz" as the Judderman's face is shown in the moon, referring to the regular warning of his appearance during a full moon.

A subsequent advert called Factory to advertise the Still and Black brand of the drink showed three of these Judderman puppets in a fairground-like attraction brewing the Metz in a factory-style setting.

There was also an advert for the Storm brand where the puppet presented the drink to a female puppet, showing the power of a storm.