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CITV Opening

Thomas The Tank Engine: A Birthday Is Thrown For Lady Hatt

Rosie And Jim: Neil, Rosie And Jim Go Swimming

Promo: Kipper

Adverts: PG Tips (Babies), Power Rangers Turbo Toys, Antz (In Cinemas Soon), Kellogg's Rice Krispies (Yoghurt), Abbey National (Fixed Rate), BBC: Fun With Pingu VHS, Paultons Park (Percy The Owl) (Go-Karts), Teletubbies VHS, Marwell Zoo, Churchill Home Insurance (Bath), Peperami (Nightmare), Brighton Pier, Paulie

Promo: The Animal Shelf

Timbuctoo: Animated Series Behind The Mr Men 

The Real Ghostbusters: Animated Series

CITV Ending

ITV Meridian Ident

ITV Evening News

Sponsorship: Powergen (Helios)

ITV National Weather

Promo: Catchphrase (With Roy Walker) 

ITV Meridian Ident

Sponsorship: Cadbury's Roses

Coronation Street Intro

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