ITV Meridian Continuity: 10 May 1999

CITV Opening

Rosie And Jim: Neil Dances At The Disco 

Tom And Vicky: Playtime With Two Children And Their Grandfather

Promo: Dream Street

Timbuctoo: Animated Adventures From The Creators Of The Mr Men

CITV Ending

Adverts: HP Sauce (Bacon Sandwich), Lea And Perrins (Supermarket), Antz VHS, Churchill (Nodding Dog), KFC (BBQ Tower), Paultons Park, Thorpe Park, Gaviscon (Talking Fire), Burger King, Barclays (Fish), The National Lottery, Whiskas

ITV Meridian Ident

ITV Evening News

Sponsorship: Powergen (Nimbella)

ITV National Weather

Promo: Family Fortunes

ITV Meridian Ident

Sponsorship: Cadbury's Caramel

Coronation Street Part One Episode

Sponsorship: Cadbury's Caramel

Adverts: Chessington World Of Adventures (Get Happy), Shape (Woman In Bathtub), Beaulieu, Paultons Park, A Bug's Life Toys, Abbey National (Rocket Scientist), Thomas The Tank Engine: Happy Holidays VHS (Out Now), Monkey World, Churchill

Sponsorship: Cadbury's Caramel

Coronation Street Part Two Episode

Sponsorship: Cadbury's Caramel

Promo: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

ITV Meridian Ident

Play Your Cards Right Intro

Start Of Episode

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