ITV Anglia Continuity: 27 April 2001

End Of ITV Evening News 

Sponsorship: Powergen (Shivera) 

ITV National Weather

Adverts: Disney's Dinosaur VHS, Hedgehogs Road Safety (Staying Alive), Chessington World Of Adventures (Beanoland), Anchor Butter, Pleasurewood Hills, Renault Laguna, Lurpak

Promo: GMTV 

ITV Anglia Ident

Sponsorship: Cadbury's Caramel 

Coronation Street Part One Episode

Sponsorship: Cadbury's Caramel 

Adverts: Woburn Safari Park, Sugababes: One Touch, Thomas & Friends: Truck Loads Of Fun VHS, Churchill (Convention), Burger King, Colgate Total, Woolworths, Bridget Jones's Diary, Asda

Sponsorship: Cadbury's Caramel

Coronation Street Part Two Episode

Sponsorship: Cadbury's Caramel 

Promo: UEFA Champions League

ITV Anglia Ident 

Family Fortunes Intro 

Start Of Episode 

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