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CITV Tellytots Intro

Fetch The Vet: Poor Kara Is Not Feeling Well

Dog And Duck: Duck Leaves Her Rubber Ring In The Garden But Dog Thinks That It's A Lifebuoy

Animal Stories: Animated Tales

CITV Tellytots Ending

Sponsorship: Milkybar

The Ark: Owl Finds Out Where Buddhas Come From

Promo: Sooty

Art Attack: Neil Makes Clouds Out Of Tissue Paper

CITV Ending

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Meridian News (Followed By The Weather Sponsored By Seafrance) 

ITV Evening News

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ITV National Weather

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Coronation Street Part One Episode

Sponsorship: Cadbury's SnowFlake (Final Appearance)

Adverts: Tesco (Coach Driver), Homepride (Fred The Movie Star), KFC (Colonel's Meal Deal), Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone, Citroen Xsara Picasso, McDonalds (Christmas Lights), The Fast And The Furious (In Cinemas Now), The Nightmare Before Christmas DVD, Mary J Blige: No More Drama, David Byrne: Look Into The Eyeball, Green Giant (Clouds), Paultons Park, Hollycombe, Legoland Windsor, Duck (No More Scissors)

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Coronation Street Part Two Episode

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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Intro

Start Of Episode

Note: This is SnowFlake's final appearance 

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