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HTV West News (Followed By The Weather) 

ITV Evening News

Sponsorship: Powergen (Florta) 

ITV National Weather

Adverts: Comfort Vapouresse, Sainsburys (Jamie Oliver And His Nan), PG Tips (Airport), Grand Pier Weston-Super-Mare, Wookey Hole, Bassett's Soft And Chewy Vitamins (Space Hoppers), Green Giant (Clouds), Cheddar Caves, Fiat Punto (Volcano), Kellogg's Coco Pops (High Dive), Churchill (Convention) 

Promo: Pop Idol

ITV1 HTV Ident

Sponsorship: Daz (Footie) 

Emmerdale Part One Episode

Sponsorship: Daz (Shouting) 

Adverts: Bristol Zoo, HP Sauce (Dracula), Lea And Perrins (Cheese On Toast) (Short), Hedgehogs Road Safety (Staying Alive), Tweenies VHS, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Toys, Sainsburys (Jamie Oliver And His Nan), Lombard Direct, Paultons Park (Hoot Hoot Song), Center Parcs (Stand And Stare), Seat

Sponsorship: Daz (Filthy) 

Emmerdale Part Two Episode

Sponsorship: Daz (Singing) 

Promo: Bruce's Price Is Right

ITV1 HTV Ident

Sponsorship: Cadbury's SnowFlake

Coronation Street Intro

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