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CITV Opening

Sponsorship: Milkybar

Tractor Tom: Matt Wants To Be A Cowboy

Thomas The Tank Engine: A Fogman Is Coming To Sodor

Engie Benjy: The Vehicle Distress Alarm Gets Mixed-Up

CITV Ending

Adverts: McDonalds Happy Meal (Harry Hill Voiceover), Chupa Chups (Crocodile Dog), PG Tips (History Has Turned A Page), Kellogg's Coco Pops (High Dive), New York Bagel (Underpants), Sunny D (Candy Floss), Penguin Chukka, The Centre MK

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Anglia News (Followed By The Weather Sponsored By Budget) 

ITV Evening News

Sponsorship: Powergen (Spider)

ITV National Weather

Sponsorship Powergen (Spider) 

Promo: Play Your Cards Right 

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Sponsorship: Network Q (Little Boy) 

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Episode

Sponsorship: Network Q (Mother) 

Promo: Home

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Sponsorship: Cadbury Get Active

Coronation Street Part One Episode

Adverts: Hulk (In Cinemas July), Cow And Gate (Grass Etching), Admiral (Crying Man/No Claims), Comfort (Lisa And Darren) (Swing), Birds Eye Chicken Griddlers, Churchill (Virtual Dog) 

Promo: You've Been Framed (With Lisa Riley) 

Sponsorship: Cadbury Get Active

Coronation Street Part Two Episode

Sponsorship: Cadbury Get Active

ITV News At Ten (After Better Homes) 

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Sponsorship: Direct Line (Leak) 

Better Homes Intro 

Start Of Episode 

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