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Honey Monster
Brand: Sugar Puffs, Honey Monster Puffs (re branded 2014)
Years active: 1976-
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The Honey Monster is the mascot of British cereal Sugar Puffs/Honey Monster Puffs.

He is a large, yellow hairy humanoid creature who was first seen in a series of commercials focused around a nutritional message illustrated by the parent and child relationship of actor Henry McGee and the Honey Monster. The monster shouts "Tell them about the honey, mummy!" to which McGee responds "I'm not his mummy!" In another advert, the monster sings of rendition of The Archies' Sugar Sugar, with McGee dancing.

In the late 80s/early 90s, the adverts portrayed a child or group of children attempting to gain access to a packet of Sugar Puffs with someone or something preventing them. They'd then cry, "I want my HONEY!" with the last word being said in the monster's voice, turning into Honey Monsters with their clothes ripping back (à la The Incredible Hulk). They'd get the cereal with chaos ensuing. The slogan for the campaign was "You'll Go Monster-Mad For The Honey" (said by Red Dwarf's Norman Lovett).

Afterwards, the Honey Monster was seen in commercials lampooning films and TV programmes such as James Bond and Baywatch. Other memorable advertisements:

  • Winning a football match in 1996 (featuring Kevin Keegan)
  • Onstage at Wembley Arena with pop group Boyzone, also from 1996
  • In 1998, he was depicted as rapper "Puff" Daddy (a take on rapper Sean Combs/P. Diddy), rapping to his own tune.
  • Parodying the 1998 Nike Airport Brazilian football commercial, with the infamous Ronaldo hitting the post at the end.
  • Dancing to The Archie's Sugar Sugar (used for a second time) whilst making his breakfast.
  • With his mountain biker friends, pursuing after two men who have kidnapped a woman's dog.
  • Chasing after a thief who has stolen a woman's box of Sugar Puffs, retrieving the item and making sure the villain is arrested, like passing the old woman in the bathtub.
  • Spoofing the 2003 Honda "cog" advertisement, where his breakfast is cleverly made by a chain of kitchen utensils knocked together, preparing his morning meal for when he wakes up.
  • Honey Monster's Granny only appears in the HM's advert from 2004.
  • Canoeing in the swimming pool along with the humans swimming across him.