The Honbatz were mascots for Burger King's kids meals from 2004 until 2006 that replaced the Burger King Kids Club Gang. They were a group of five (or more if you count the Eeeps as separate characters) different-coloured monsters with distinct personalities. The Honbatz were designed to appeal to the pre-teen market and were still used up until the 2010s in some European markets and New Zealand. In September 2006, an updated version of the animated king from the 1970s Burger King commercials replaced the Honbatz in Burger King's kids meal advertising.

List of Honbatz Edit

  • Mixmax - He is a red, semi-circle-shaped monster with tiny white eyes, a big, round nose and four spikes on his head. He is a punk who likes to show off.
  • Thisorthat - He is a green, square-shaped puppy monster with three eyes, a tiny, teardrop-shaped nose and two antennas on his head. He likes to eat everything, but cannot decide where to start.
  • Bonny - She is a yellow monster shaped like an upside-down "L" and the only female Honbatz. She wears a pink bow on her head and is a studious character. Used to advertise the applesauce available in kids' meals, Bonny was described as "as sweet as applesauce".
  • Chomp - He is a monster with a large, navy-coloured head, one eye, a propeller atop his head and a tiny brown body. He is a large, intimidating, Honbatz who is really a big softie that wants to fit in.
  • The Eeeps - They are small, red creatures, each with a single horn on their head. Used to advertise the apple slices available in kids' meals as an alternative to fries, they were accompanied by the tag line "Eeeps love their aaapples". In some earlier ads prior to BK's move towards providing healthier options for kids, they were depicted as craving ketchup instead.
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