The five Herberts, from left to right - Chief, Stunt, Clever, Miss and Baby

The Herberts are the supporting mascots of They were introduced in December 2014, when they embarked on a mission to save Brian the Robot from being scrapped. There are five Herberts and they have been friends with Brian since they helped repair him in March 2015. Like Brian himself, they are robots, but they are much smaller.

List of Herberts Edit

  • Chief Herbert - He is the self-appointed leader of the Herberts, but only because he is the biggest one. He is the most responsible of the group, but only just. He wears a homemade medal and military stripes that were found outside a fancy dress shop. He has been laughed at by the other Herberts for being made with beige-coloured plastics from the 1990s.
  • Stunt Herbert - He is not as smart as the other Herberts and is prone to wading in and asking questions later. He has muffled speech due to a damaged sound card and lost an arm in a table tennis accident. Said arm was replaced with a spatula. He wears a plaster on his head.
  • Clever Herbert - He is the smartest Herbert, with an IQ of 78 (the Herberts are not very smart). He wears a pair of glasses he found on the street. He has a built-in calculator to work out insurance savings. He is fitted with HDMI, FireWire, ethernet and two USB ports, but he gets annoyed if he is used as a phone charger.
  • Miss Herbert - She is the only female Herbert. She is good with screwdriver and not afraid to get dirty. She is cheeky like the other Herberts, but gets away with it by pretending it wasn't her. She is sparkly and has a few stickers stuck onto her.
  • Baby Herbert - He is the youngest and smallest Herbert. He often carries a toy knitted version of Brian around. He is always trying to keep up with the other Herberts, both mentally and physically, but he is still learning to speak and behave like a proper Herbert.
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