Gilda Is The Sun Weathergen And The Leader Of The Team

Her Favourite Colour Is Blue

She Is Played By Selina Giles 

Gilda Smiling

Gilda is the daughter of Fira, and is the kind and cheesy girl who always makes the world a sunny day. She has a favourite colour which is blue and it is the colour to make the earth a beautiful day. She sometimes gets upset and cries 

Gilda's family members: 

Fira (Father) 

Cyan (Mother) 

Her final appearance is during the Gas, Electricity And Telephone era on October 18, 2001 before the emotion idents take place from late October 2001 to November 2002. The version of her in showers ends on October 2001 while the normal version of her ends on September 2001. Gilda and the other weathergens return to the ITV Weather in 2021 which is now sponsored by BOXT 

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