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Geoff is one of The Tipps Monkey Family in the PG Tips adverts from 1991-2001. He originally first appears in the 1986 advert along with his daughter, Samantha

Geoff is the father of Kevin and Samantha and the husband of Shirley. He is a happy-go-lucky man who always has fun along the way. He can sometimes get fed-up and cross if Kevin does something naughty. When Samantha gets upset and cries, Geoff will tell her. Also, He sometimes ends up laughing at the end of some adverts. He sometimes likes to have a bath which only does it at the beginning of the Brand New Bag advert from late 1996, He now washes Kevin and Samantha in the bath on the advert from late 2000

From 1991-1998, He is voiced by Jim Bowen, Who presented Bullseye. From 1998-2001, He is voiced by Russ Abbot, Who narrated the 1999 ITV children's series Dream Street. His voice sounds like PC Nod Off 

His favourite colour is yellow