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ITV1 Anglia Christmas Ident

GMTV Newshour

GMTV News (One More Day Until Christmas)

Sponsorship: Bounce (Riding Breeches) 

GMTV Weather

Sponsorship: Woolworths (Santa Claus) 

GMTV News (Santa Is Coming) 

Anglia News (Pantomime At The Gordon Craig Theatre In Stevenage) 

Sponsorship: Venos (Weathervane)

Anglia Weather

Interview With Jona Lewie About His Christmas Song Stop The Cavalry 

Adverts: Coca-Cola (Animated Santa), Fiat Punto (Don't You Want Me), Argos (Skiing Santa), The Lord Of The Rings, Asda (Cartoon Santa), Milton Keynes (Christmas), Duracell (Rabbit Race), Bassett's Soft And Chewy Vitamins (Space Hoppers), Fiat Punto (Don't You Want Me), Haven (Heaven Is A Place On Earth) 

Promo: Coronation Street Christmas Special 

Sponsorship: Bounce (Weigh Tights) 

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GMTV Today Christmas