Sponsorship: Quaker Oats (Umbrellas) (Last Appearance) 

GMTV Weather

Adverts: Admiral (Crying Man/Too Young), Cheltenham And Gloucester (Swimming Boy), SMA Progress (Take Good Care Of My Baby), Crusha (Cats And Cows), Blistex (Talking Lips), Paultons Park (New Flying Frog), Seafrance, Butlins (Father On Waterslide) 

GMTV Today Sting


Meridian News

Sponsorship: Bounce (Church And Horses) (Last Appearance)

Meridian Weather


Lorraine Kelly

GMTV Sting

Sponsorship: Horlicks

LK Today Intro

Start Of Episode 

Note: Quaker Oats Stops Sponsoring The Weather Forecast Until October 2003 And This Is The Final Appearance Of The Bounce Spinning Sponsorship Era Before The Fresh Bit Of Summer Sponsorship Takes Place In October 2003 

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