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GMTV News (Finding Nemo)

Sponsorship: Quaker Oats (Wipers) (Comeback Appearance) 

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Anglia News

Sponsorship: Bounce (Ladies) (First Appearance) 

Anglia Weather

Interview With Nick Park About Creature Comforts

Adverts: Anchor Spreadable (Weeble Cows), The Centre MK, Bassett's Soft And Chewy Vitamins, Finding Nemo, Cow And Gate (Grass Etching), Ford Mondeo (Tom And Jerry), Comfort Vapouresse, Burger King (Spongebob Squarepants), Dolmio

Sponsorship: Quaker Oats (Train) (Comeback Appearance) 

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Note: This Is Quaker's Comeback Appearance And The First Date To Feature The Bounce Fresh Bit Of Summer Sponsorship For The Regional Weather