Fruit Winders are a group of fruit-themed people from the Kellogg's snack brand of the same name since 2001.

The adverts depicted them stretching a piece of fruit, making them into fruit winders.

In 2001, Sorbabe (Strawberry), Blabber (Orange) and Booster (Blackcurrant) are the only members of the Fruit Winder humans, Until Sweaty (Apple) joins in the team in 2002. 

Sorbabe is a strawberry lady and acts like a mother of the team, She enjoys being sexy, having a make-up, swimming in the pool and being the DJ. Her favourite colour is blue.

Booster is a blackcurrant man who acts like a father of the team, He likes to test the blackcurrants with his controls. His favourite colour is pink.

Blabber is an orange man who acts like a son of the team, He loves crushing the oranges with his steamroller. His favourite colour is yellow.

Sweaty is an apple lady who acts like a daughter of the team, She likes to rollerskate through the town and likes to fly through the sky with her jetpack. Her favourite colour is black.

Other fruit winders are Raspberry (Male), Tropical (Male) and Lemon (Female) which only come out during 2003-2004. 

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The Fruit Winders as they first appear since 2001

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