Dotty's Car is a 1998 Peugeot 206 car which is driven by Dotty Dunmore (Prunella Scales). it is first shown on the Tesco adverts since 27 August 2000, however, it does not appear in the adverts from 2000 or 2001 until 2002

Although Dotty is seen driving her car in one of the Tesco adverts in August 2002, it makes cameo appearances in some adverts from 2002-2003. it does not seen on Dotty and Kate's final Tesco advert from Summer 2004

Dotty first drives her own car in the Children's Tea advert from September 2000, but it is never seen until 2002

Dotty's Car is somewhat similar to Miss Finster's Car from Disney's 1997 TV show Recess

Kate drives her Vauxhall car one last time on the Poorly Dotty advert from July 2000 until Dotty buys her own Peugeot car after this advert, Strangely, The Poorly Dotty advert has also aired in October 2001 when Kate no longer drives her Vauxhall

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