Daydreaming Girl is a character in the Cadbury's Caramel sponsorship for Coronation Street from 1997-2001

The Caramel Bunny Can Be Seen Sitting While The Girl Is On The Hammock 

The music from The Nation's Favourite sponsor plays every variant, but the woman's voice tells the sponsorship from 1999-2001

The sponsor also has a spin-off brand Nuts About Caramel from 1998-2000 

Caramel changes its name with the Dairy Milk logo in the Coronation Street sponsorship from 2003 featuring the cartoon cockatoo 

Her favourite colour is pink 

Cadbury Caramel will return to sponsor Coronation Street during 2021, As it only features the Caramel Bunny  


Girl on the Nuts About Caramel sponsorship

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