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Coco the Monkey (Commonly Shortened to Coco Monkey or just Coco) is the Mascot of Kellogg's Coco Pops & Chocos. He was also the Mascot of the US Cocoa Krispies starting in 1991 before being dropped in the Late 90s.


Coco was first introduced as the Coco Pops Mascot in the 1960s & He had a very raspy voice in a commercial from 1969. Coco didn't make another appearance on TV until 1980 where he was much more realistic looking with no clothes at all & was only seen swinging on a vine (Which snaps making Him fall at the end) This ad was used for 6 years with different lyrics in the song. Until 1986 when the modern Coco was first shown on TV. shown swinging on Vines through the jungle while he sings the Coco Pops jingle, before swinging to the Coco Pops box and ending the commercial with the famous Quote "I'd rather have a bowl of COCO POPS!" the ad was a hit & Coco was used in more animated ads throughout the late 80s where he met Shorty: A giraffe, Ozmelda: An ostrich & Alan: an anteater & Crafty Croc . By 1995 Alan was replaced with a female Kangaroo & the plot for the ads became very similar to each other.

Physical Appearance (Current)

United Kingdom & Europe

Coco's appearance has stayed nearly identical since 1986. He is a brown fur monkey who wears a Blue cap with a Yellow & Brown emblem with the Letter "C" on it, a white Short-Sleeve T-Shirt with his name in brown on it & Blue pants.

United States

Coco's Design for Cocoa Krispies in the United States was slightly different. He had smaller eyes, Slightly Longer proportions & A white & brown emblem on his hat. The most drastic change came in the late 1990s when Kellogg's used a Live-Action monkey to portray Coco. Obviously since he was a real monkey, Coco couldn't speak in the commercials, so the ending voice over was done an unknown actress

Various Countries

During the mid 2010s Kellogg's Updated Coco's design in certain countries. The design had more human proportions for Coco not unlike the US design from 1991 & Coco got a Complete facelift making him look more like a real monkey.