Claris the Chicken
Brand: Maggi
Nationality: United Kingdom
Years active: 2004-2016
Designer(s): Tony Barnes
Studio of origin: Ellipsé Programme
Voiced by: Rowan Atkinson
Quote: "Maggi is so yummy!"
Appearance and age
Species: Orpington chicken
Hair color: Red
Eye color: White
Personal information
Friends: Bernie, Marc, Cleo, Suzie, Linda (in animated series)
Enemies: Mr. Cow (in animated series)
Interests: Playing with friends, sports

Claris the Chicken is the marketing icon and mascot of Nestlé's Maggi dishes. He was known for his catchphrase "Maggi is so yummy!". Claris the Chicken was designed by "Ellipsé Programme".

Appearance Edit

Claris is an obese, yellow Orpington chicken with red crest, golden beak and legs.

In advertising Edit

Claris the Chicken introduced in 2004, designed by the creator of 2000 French-German cartoon "Les marchiens" Tony Barnes and voiced by british actor Rowan Atkinson, using an European accent. Atkinson created Claris' characteristic deep voice and the catchphrase "Maggi is so yummy!", which made Claris easily recognizable.

Gallery Edit

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