P chomp
Brand: Chomp
Nationality: United Kingdom
Years active: 1998-2001 (UK)
Designer(s): Simons Palmer
Studio of origin: Spümcø
Appearance and age
Species: Monster
Hair color: Yellow
Eye color: Black
Personal information
Abilities: Smashes up Chomp bars
Residence: Cadbury Land
Friends: Buttons, Curly Wurly, Dudley Sidebottom, Freddo, Fudge, Giant Buttons, Mr. Cadbury, Roger, Shush, Wildlife
Interests: Chomp bars, TV
Disinterests: Earwigs
"If you saw Chomp smashing up his big chewy Chomp bars in the Cadbury Land quarry, you'd never guess he spends his free time hiding from earwigs and watching TV with a sunflower called Roger. But he does."
—Cadbury Land official website

Chomp was the icon of Cadbury's Chomp in the UK as part of their Cadbury Land snack line from 1998 to 2001. Residing in the Cadbury Land quarry, he bears the traits of a ferocious, giant monster smashing his Chomp bars, but also a gentle giant with immense care for his friends, including a sunflower named Roger who does not enjoy being around him no matter what.


Chomp is a giant monster with fairly small eyes and a large mouth somewhat resembling a beak. He has large arms with hands shaped like mittens and short legs with gigantic feet.


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