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Chewie the Chewitsaurus
Brand: Chewits
Years active: 1976-
Appearance and age
Species: Dinosaur
Personal information

Chewie the Chewitsaurus is the mascot of British confectionery Chewits.

He first appeared in a commercial parodying 50s b-movies, as a Godzilla-like creature attacking New York. The hero, Chuck, drives a Chewits truck towards the monster, who picks up the sweets and decides to eat them, preferring them to the various buildings he has been eating, chewier than a 15-storey block of flats as the voiceover puts it. In the 'sequel', the Muncher travels the world, eating various landmarks including the Taj Mahal, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Empire State Building, but is disgusted by the tastes. Eventually, he settled for giant packs of chewits, which as the voiceover explains, are chewier than Barrow-in-Furness bus depot!

In "The Muncher Menace", the creature (with a new design) attacks a World War II London setting as a radio voiceover advises people to not confront him and carry giant sized packs of Chewits to quell the monster. "Chewits: Chew for Victory" is the ending slogan. The advert was made by Aardman.

These early commercials involved Claymation special effects, akin to Ray Harryhausen films and were a homage to Hollywood monster movie pastiche such as King Kong or Godzilla crossed with stiff upper lip British wartime propaganda (later on).

1995 saw an animated advert in the style of OTT post-war with 1950s orchestration. A salesy narrator gives a guide to viewers to prepare them for the sweets by having the Muncher Menace eat a Wellington boot, a rubber boat and a rubber plant (tyres) in order to be ready for Chewits - the Chewiest of chews.

1996 involved ads with news casting dinosaur puppets. The catchphrase advice at the close of each 'broadcast' was to "do it before you chew it".

Come 1998, the adverts became colourful 2d cartoons with the 'Muncher Menace' being reintroduced as 'Chewie'. These new adverts features a rendition of the 1994 hit song I Like to Move It by Reel 2 Real but with the lyrics changed to 'I like to Chewit Chewit'. In the first, he roller skates on two buses through a busy city then in the second, introduced 2001, he is water-skiing at a seaside resort.