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Bug Alert: Fun With The Puppet Bugs

Adverts: KFC (Family Celebration), Cadbury's Roses (Christmas Presents), The Grinch, Dream Street: Christmas Star VHS, Argos (Animated Santa), Sainsburys (Christmas With Jamie Oliver), Syntegra, Tweenies: Merry Tweenie Christmas VHS, Comfort (Cloth Family), PG Tips (Deck The Halls), Disney's Dinosaur (On Video From 2001), Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Toys, Tango

Promo: Countdown Christmas Special

Channel 4 Children's Ident

Insektors: The Joyces Enjoy The Night Of The Fireflies

Adverts: SMA Progress, Halifax (Howard Brown Singing Extra), Fiat Punto (It Just Came Out Of Nowhere), Johnson's Baby, Center Parcs (We Have No Time To Stand And Stare), 102 Dalmatians, The White Stuff (George Best), Huggies, Ford

Promo: Raymond Briggs' Father Christmas

Channel 4 Children's Ident

Angela Anaconda: Adventures With The Brat Little Girl

Promo: The Hoobs (Coming 2001) 

Channel 4 Ident

Sponsorship: Flora Pro-Activ 

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