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Step Inside: Mr Mopple Sings The Teddy Bear Song In His Shed

Promo: Fireman Sam

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After That: Balamory

Promo: Balamory

Doctor Otter: Melvyn Has Trouble With His Car

Next: Balamory

After That: The Story Makers

Promo: Tweenies

Balamory: The Boat Trip Has Been Cancelled

Next: The Story Makers

After That: Noddy

Promo: Fimbles

The Story Makers: Webster Has Lots Of Stuff For Jelly And Jackson

Next: Noddy

After That: Andy Pandy

Promo: Chris Jarvis Discovers Dream Street

Noddy: Mr Plod Blames Noddy About The Thief

Next: Andy Pandy

After That: The Shiny Show

Promo: Pingu And Playdays

Andy Pandy: The Ink Feels Strange

Next: The Shiny Show

After That: Bob The Builder

Promo: Fab Lab

The Shiny Show: Gameshow For Preschool Children