Noddy: The Goblins Steal Mr Sparks' Fire Engine

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After That: Zingalong

Promo: Easter On CBeebies

Bob The Builder: Scoop Enters Pilchard In The Pet Show

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After That: The Story Makers (Rossetti)

Promo: Balamory

Zingalong: Zoe, Zing And The Children Visit The Supermarket

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After That: 64 Zoo Lane

Promo: Come Outside

The Story Makers: Blue Isn't Byron's Favourite Colour Like Jackson And The Female Characters

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After That: Tikkabilla

Promo: Rubbadubbers

64 Zoo Lane: Reginald Tries To Sleep 

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After That: Tweenies 

Promo: The Letter B 

Tikkabilla: Paul Takes Away Tamba's Rubber Ring 

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