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In 2011, the Cadbury's Animals were relaunched, replacing the previous 2003 incarnation. There are five characters in this version, as opposed to four in the previous. What is notable about this version is that the Animals are given a brownish colour and biscuit-like texture to look like the biscuits themselves. The previous animals were anthropomorphic versions of their real-life counterparts. Each character has their own story that will help build their relevance with families.

The rebrand was carried out in-house by Burton's Biscuit Co., who produce Cadbury's biscuits under licence. They were designed to help parents make treating an adventure by feeding the family’s imagination.

List of Animals

  • Leroy the lion '
  • Rockodile the crocodile
  • Cheeko the monkeyt'
  • Swoop the parrot
  • Ella Funky the elephant
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