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Sponsorship: Milkybar

Tiny Planets: Bing Struggles To Ride His Unicycle

Dream Street: Rodney And Jack Discover Daisy's Jelly Beans

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Adverts: Kellogg's Rice Krispies (Slurproons), Pringles (Free Party CD), HP Sauce (Beans On Toast), Lea And Perrins (For The Ultimate Cheese On Toast), Power Rangers Time Force Toys, Petits Filous, Vimto (New Citrus Flavour), Cheestrings (Cheese Show), Meltus (Shut That Cough Up)

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Promo: Jimmy Neutron

Dog And Duck: A Hole In Joe And Jenny's Swimming Pool Gets A Puncture

Maisy: Charley Gets An Umbrella For His Birthday

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Promo: Better Homes

ITV1 Anglia Ident

Family Fortunes Episode (1999) 

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