ITV1 Ident

CITV Opening

Promo: Tiny Planets

Sponsorship: Milkybar

Miffy And Friends: Playtime With A Girl Rabbit Whose Favourite Colour Is Blue

Engie Benjy: Dotty's Bus Is Being Spotty Today

Adverts: Vimto (Snogging), Admiral (Crying Man/London), Homepride Pasta Bake, Lynx (Make Luv), Churchill (Car Wash), Bob The Builder's Workbench, Center Parcs, Kellogg's Cereals (Simpsons Watches), Powergen (Power In Good Hands)

Promo: Wish You Were Here?

Promo: Tractor Tom

Hilltop Hospital: The Doctors Meet The Snake

Sponsorship: Milkybar 

CITV Ending

Promo: Stars In Their Eyes Kids

ITV1 Anglia Ident

Anglia News (Followed By The Weather Sponsored By Carpet Right) 

ITV Evening News

Sponsorship: Powergen (Meadow) 

ITV National Weather

Sponsorship: Powergen (Buttercup) 

Adverts: Danone Activia (Inner Self), Velux (Teddy's Girlfriend), The Centre MK, MediaSmart (Hippo And Cat), Burger King (Bedtime Story), McDonalds Happy Meal (Pinnochio), Tesco Personal Finance (Talking Trolleys), Cow And Gate (Grass) 

ITV1 Ident 

Sponsorship: Felix (Mouse)

You've Been Framed Episode

Sponsorship: Felix (Bag) 

Promo: Mr Bean: The Animated Series

ITV1 Ident

Sponsorship: Slim-Fast (Russian Dolls) 

Wish You Were Here Intro

Start Of Episode 

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