Brian the Robot
Nationality: United Kingdom
Years active: 2013-2016
Appearance and age
Species: Robot
Eye color: Blue
Personal information
Residence: United Kingdom
Friends: The Herberts, Toy Brian
Enemies: Elibot Evil Cara
Cara Confused

Brian the Robot was the primary mascot of, replacing Cara Confused in May 2013 and he was gone in 2016. He is a robot determined to help people save money on their insurance. According to, he is the fastest insurance comparison robot in the world.

Appearance Edit

Brian is a white, medium-sized robot with a rectangular head, blue eyes and a perpetually smiling mouth. He moves around on a conveyor belt built into his legs. He has a screen on his chest which bears the logo, but has been shown to say other things as well, such as "I <3 INSURANCE".

Advertising Edit

Brian's adverts involved him travelling around Britain telling people he could save them money on their car insurance. For the £Million Mega Draw in 2014, Brian carried a cheque around a town, encountering people and objects along the way while en-route to deliver the cheque to one lucky winner. In 2015, customers could claim a toy Brian. From May to November 2015, Brian appeared in sponsorship of The Simpsons along with Toy Brian, replacing the previous sponsors, Sun Perks. In the sponsor idents, Brian and Toy Brian interact with each other, with Toy Brian often annoying the real Brian.

The Simpsons sponsorshipEdit

2014 capture and the Herberts Edit

In December 2014, when trying to tell the owners of a car scrapyard about, Brian was caught by a magnet and the owners decided to scrap him. Meanwhile, at HQ, the Herberts, were alerted to the problem. They then embarked on a mission to save Brian. The Herberts stopped Brian from being crushed to death in January 2015 and rescued him from the scrapyard. They then successfully repaired Brian in his garage in March 2015. From that point on, the Herberts became Brian's friends. In April 2015, the Herberts interacted with Toy Brian, pulling him back and letting him go off a table. In August 2015, Brian and the Herberts danced to "Jump On It" by the Sugarhill Gang while they were supposed to be working on an assembly line of Toy Brians. Brian and the Herberts were animated in CGI in this advert to allow them to dance.

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