Brenda and Audrey
Brenda and Audrey
Brand: Bounty, Plenty (re branded 2009)
Years active: 2005-2010
Appearance and age
Personal information
Juan Sheet

Brenda and Audrey were the mascots of kitchen roll brand Bounty/Plenty from 2005 to 2010.

They are two middle-aged, large, stubby men wearing dresses and wigs, playing two housewives. The duo would perform household tasks that require a paper towel and compare them to other products. Whilst Brenda would use Bounty/Plenty, Audrey would end up using the bad product which would tend to fall apart against the ultra strength of the main product and thus lose the challenge.

In one commercial, the ladies were superimposed into the food fight scene of British comedy film Carry On Loving.

Come 2010, the couple were dropped from the adverts and replaced by Latino cleaning superhero Juan Sheet.


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