Big Yella was the mascot of Kellogg's Sugar Corn Pops cereal (now Corn Pops) from 1977-1980. He is a cartoon cowboy with a 10-gallon hat, a yellow shirt and brown vest, yellow/green pants, a red cowboy scarf, brown/black boots, blond sideburns and a really big chin.


Big Yella loves Sugar Corn Pops and will trade anything to get them. He talks in a southern accent and seems like a stereotyphical cowboy (aside from his incredible amount of Big Yella things).

Big Yella things (wealth)Edit

Big Yella has a large amount of Big Yella things, of which the following have been shown in TV commercials: a Big Yella bird, a Big Yella comb, a Big Yella golf club, some Big Yella keys, a Big Yella bike with a Big Yella horn, a Big Yella flashlight, a Big Yella radio, a Big Yella tennis ball, a Big Yella guitar and some Big Yella Pops (Sugar Corn Pops).

Use in advertisingEdit

As mentioned before, Big Yella was the mascot of Kellogg's Sugar Corn Pops from 1977 to 1980. In that time, he appeared in boxes and his own animated TV commercials in which he would either trade his Big Yella things for some Big Yella Pops or take care of his Big Yella bike. He was always accompanied by at least one kid. In 1980, Big Yella was sent packing and Poppy the Porcupine started representing Corn Pops. He was a porcupine with a briefcase containing a "complete breakfast" (having Corn Pops, of course).

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