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Bertie Bassett
Brand: Bassett's
Years active: 1926-
Appearance and age
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Bertie Bassett is the mascot of British confectioners Bassett’s.

He is a jolly figure made up of liquorice allsorts which has become a part of British popular culture. The character's origins lie with advertising copywriter Frank Regan, who used the sweets and a number of pipe-cleaners to construct what was the original version of Bertie. Bertie is shown to be grumpy and bossy at times, Especially his adopted father named Dave (Played By Nick Malinowski)



  • In 1988, the Doctor Who serial The Happiness Patrol attracted criticism from HB Stokes, CEO and chairman of Bassett's, who wrote to complain of the resemblance of the Kandy Man to Bertie Bassett. An internal investigation by the BBC determined that the resemblance was coincidental and no copyright infringement had been committed. However, Stokes was assured the character would not be appearing in the series again.Kingdom]]