Brand: Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
Years active: 2017-2019
Quote: Do It Now
Appearance and age
Species: Robot
Personal information
Residence: United Kingdom

Arnie is the mascot of adverts for Financial Conduct Authority ( FCA). He made his first appearance in 2017 and his final in 2019.

He is a robotic head on wheels that resembles and sounds like the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In the adverts, Arnie travels around to places (e.g. a libary and a bus stop) with a FCA spokeswoman to tell people to reclaim from missold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) before it's deadline on 29 August 2019.

In the final series of adverts which aired in June-August 2019, Arnie places himself in a giant press which the PPI deadline on it. The final advert saw Arnie being squashed by the press before being reborn as an energy drink called Arnergy, which is promptly drunk by the spokeswoman.

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